Testing Your ESP (Extra Sensory Perception)

Obviously you should be relaxed and quiet before you start developing ESP: slowing down mental activity is essential here.

This gives you control over the conditions at your end of the contact. You cannot, however, assume that the person you wish to contact is in a receptive frame of mind. If he is very occupied with an animated discussion or argument, the message which you plant in his subconscious is unlikely to be noticed by his conscious mind. Remember, telepathy is not a conversation between two minds.

Rather, the sender is implanting a message in the subconscious of the receiver which he will only notice as an emotion or feeling. Thus, if you want someone to telephone you, he may indeed call after the mental signal has reached him, but he will not have done so because he knew you wanted him to ring.

If you were to ask, you would probably be told: 'Oh, I just felt I had to ring you.' Equally, if you send a signal to a friend, asking him to bring a book for you to read, when he sees you he will say something like: 'I thought you might want this.' On the other hand, if you are transmitting an image to someone's mind, you may find that he has a mental flash of what you are sending. This will work best if both you and the receiver are at the alpha level; the results can then be really astounding!

Here is another telepathic technique. Next time you are in a situation where someone may be waiting to serve you - a waiter in a restaurant, say - take five deep breaths and visualize, as vividly as you can, the waiter turning round to look at you and walking across to your table. (You will probably find that it works better to start with if you close your eyes briefly.) Often when you do this, the waiter will indeed turn and look at you. After you have been doing this for a while, your strength and ability to attract attention increase.

Here is a different technique. Still in the same restaurant, take five deep breaths and imagine a string between you and the waiter. Imagine a pulse of energy collecting at your forehead and then travelling along the string to strike the waiter's head. Dr Jean Burns gives a lovely description of what happens when someone receives a pulse. She describes an incident in a lecture room, when somebody had his hand up to ask a question, but the lecturer had not noticed.

Dr Burns tried to help by sending a pulse to the lecturer to attract his attention. He jumped up into the air spun a half circle and finished up looking straight at Dr Burns, who then pointed weakly to the man with the question! Such dramatic results do not always occur. It may be some time before either of these methods works consistently well, but you can aid the development of your skill by practising. If you have a friend who is willing to try, you could spend some time trying to send pulses to each other. It will function better if you are emotionally close to the person you work with, because you can then establish a good rapport.

Here is something else to try. Breathe deeply five times. Close your eyes while sitting comfortably in a chair with all the body supported, and visualize as clearly as possible a friend going to the telephone in his or her house, picking up the receiver and dialling your number.

See every detail of the scene, in as bright and clear a picture as you can manage. Keep this up for at least ten minutes, and if your mind wanders, bring it back gently to the image. If you want to go to a deeper level of mind, count slowly down from ten to one and continue with the visualization. You may well be surprised when your friend rings you; do not be too downhearted if nothing happens, however: he may be out, or concentrating on some work of his own. Keep trying.

Perhaps you are wondering if there is any way in which you can develop telepathic abilities while going about everyday business. The answer is - yes, by becoming more sensitive to the information that your subconscious is presenting to you.

Normally your conscious mind excludes just about every impression your subconscious throws at you, unless it is a very powerful one such as fear, anger or sickness. Since all telepathic information is received subconsciously, it must go through a filtering process before it reaches awareness.

If you have a health problem, it is worth trying out some psychic healing techniques. These are most effective on health problems such as lowering cholesterol, which is mainly psychological. the same is true of internalised tension which causes high blood pressure. You maybe able to significantly lower blood pressure by using the power of your mind.

So by learning to be more responsive to, or aware of, the information coming from the subconscious, the chance of noticing information received psychically is greatly improved. Basically there are two ways of doing this. Here they are.

Learning to be aware of impressions

Sit quietly in a chair and let mental activity decrease as much as possible. Focus your attention on the weight of your body pressing onto the chair - can you feel the chair seat and back? Mentally examine each place where you feel your body touching the chair, and assess whether you usually notice these sensations when you are sitting down.

Slowly shift your attention to the feeling of the clothes resting loosely on your skin. Can you distinguish between cotton and wool or man-made fibre? See if you can pick out the pattern on the surface of the material. Now try and feel any movement of air across your skin; perhaps it is moving the hairs on your arms and legs.

Does one side of your face feel warmer than the other, and is this accompanied by brighter light from one side or the other? Finally bring into your picture the sensations in your feet and legs - how do your clothes touch your body? What are the sensations in your feet where they touch the ground? If you have been able to focus clearly on each of these feelings, try to assimilate them so that you are aware of all of them at the same time. Hold your impressions for two or three minutes.

Once you have become adept at this exercise (and you will be surprised how quickly your skill develops if you practise two or three times a day), it is helpful to develop your awareness still further by concentrating on the sensations being received by your other senses - what can you smell, taste and hear? Probably there are all sorts of noises in the background which are unfamiliar to you.

Try to identify them by listening carefully; at the same time see if you can keep awareness of all the impressions you noticed in the first half of the exercise. Most people find it very difficult to keep awareness at such a high level, but the very act of trying will enable you to listen more carefully to impressions from the subconscious.

A variation of the technique above relates to emotions and feelings. I sometimes find myself noticing a tenseness, irritation or uneasiness growing in certain situations. Next time this happens to you, do not ignore it or avoid it by throwing yourself into some other activity. Stop what you are doing and analyse the way you feel. See whether the sensation is located in one part of your body. Examine your attitude and try to place the emotion you feel - is it jealousy, fear, anger, sadness or what?

Be especially careful to examine whether the emotion is directed against yourself or somebody else. You can also try an exercise in awareness when you are having a conversation.. See if you can identify the emotions and feelings, thoughts and impressions that cross your mind. These are what always make up those familiar feelings: 'I disliked him from the moment I met him' or 'It was love at first sight'.

By trying these simple self-awareness exercises, you will Increase your awareness of parts of your mind normally inaccessible to you; in fact you will come to realize how little of your mind is used consciously. As far as psychic work is concerned, cultivation of awareness is important because you will come to notice and identify the impressions which your subconscious mind presents to you much more easily.

Listening to your subconscious as it receives psychic impressions

The section on consciousness has probably helped you to see the functions of the subconscious mind more easily. To recap, it is the part of the brain which works constantly, even when we are asleep, by controlling breathing, heart rate, gut movements and so on. (Breathing and other subconscious functions can be controlled consciously as well, of course; but when you are asleep,

the subconscious has complete control of your body.) Additionally, it processes information and acts as a filter for the conscious mind. Sometimes you will have been trying to remember a name or place, but been quite unable to recall it. it has popped into your consciousness quite unexpectedly later on, after it was needed. This is because the subconscious has been working through the memory to find what you require. Also, it is why you often choose to 'sleep on a problem' - by the time you wake up, the subconscious has a prepared answer ready. I have mentioned that all psychic information is received in the subconscious and there is the danger that you might not notice if it were to be presented to the conscious mind.

If you make an effort to listen to your subconscious should be able to function psychically. One way is to listen for strong signals from the subconscious. If a thought flashes into your mind unexpectedly, don't ignore it; follow it up and see if it is of any use and, if possible, whether it is accurate or not. Then ask yourself a mental question related to that subject. The answer will be the first thing that comes into your mind, although it may not be as clear as you hope. This once happened to a colleague of mine. He had been told that his father was in hospital, and had travelled straight to the hospital from home without knowing what the problem was.

When he arrived he met the doctor, introduced himself and asked, 'What is problem?' As he later told me, before the doctor spoke, he had a clear impression of somebody stuck in a doorway, shouting 'Shut the door' as it shook violently on its hinges. I can imagine how he felt when the doctor told him that his father had a valve in his heart that was not closing properly. This type of experience is much more common than generally realized, so try and make an effort to notice all the subconscious impressions which break through to your awareness.

In the next section, we shall explore more ways that you develop ESP, particularly through dream analysis. Since the conscious mind is less active during sleep, this provides a way in which everybody can get in touch with their psychic power.

Your are naturally telepathic, with the ability to experience precognition, telepathy, and clairvoyance. Your psychic skills depend on relaxation, visualisation (and faith).